I'm obsessed with the effects of light, color, form, movement and energy in response to visual observation of landscapes, environments, events, and life-in-passing.  My artist inspirations are painters like John Marin, Henry Tanner, and Wolf Kahn even though I communicate some of the same intentions using electronic tools. There is often a painful beauty in deteriorating physical environment.  I'm attracted to the edges of the space.  I am always looking for movement, energy, tension.  Back in the studio I use analog/digital voltage control wave form generators to breath into the pictorial plane so that elements appear and disappear in flowing change.  I've used my training as a painter, printmaker, and dancer to experiment with ways that new media, like video and computers, can be used in the imaging process.  Since I am always pointing the camera at something and everything is political- there is also a meaning beyond the surface changes relating to our time, here, now.

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