A World Without Differentiation


As an imagist, I have created prints, paintings, films, video art, and installations. Regardless of medium, I explore the unconscious, hidden realms of meaning and existence, creating an undifferentiated world of fragmented images with edges and borders that blend into each other. Fluid forms with interlinking, sometimes repetitive images and text, take shape then dissipate into themselves. The viewer momentarily grasps forms that then retreat. In this allusive domain, topics, objects, narratives, or environments can only be understood through experience and perception. The result is a chain of woven forms wrapped in ethereal media.


By integrating the old and the new, the original and reproductive, the modern and postmodern, my approach offers a new kind of art for the 21st century that synthesizes the imaging potentials of machines with the humanizing touch of the artist. It is through the active, unifying process of dynamic creation that questions are revealed concerning the future of art, perception, and meaning. How do we as individuals and citizens of a global society go beyond the irony, cynicism, negativity all too often expressed by late 20th century art, toward universal hope and redemption signified by the millennium? How do we simultaneously accept the ambiguity, paradox, and contradictions of mundane reality with the faith that comes through release to the unknown? Part of the response lies in recovering the sense of play and joyful discovery still possible in making and experiencing art.

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